SalesForce Excellence

    Triton BIT's SalesForce Excellence for Pharma Companies, provides dashboards that contain monthly and weekly sales with activities, events and segmentation data. SalesForce Excellence aims to increase efficiency on decision making and administration of SalesForce via combined user friendly reports. 



    Marketing Excellence Dashboard

    Marketing Excellence Dashboard for Pharma Companies which strenghtened by Qlik products, provides integrated dashboards of monthly and daily national sales and budgets for Marketing Excellence Departments and High-level Managers.  Marketing Excellence Dashboard helps you to understand changes in Pharma Market, trends of your sales and budgets, competitors’ sales through multiple dimensions.


    Commercial Operations Excellence

    Qlik applications have been built for Pharma Companies integrates monthly external brick sales and national sales under the name of Commercial Excellence Dashboard in order to measure,compare and analyze Wholesale and Pharmacy Sales

    • Commercial Condition efficiency
    • FOC sensitivity of Market
    • Pharmacy habits
    • Wholesaler reconciliation

    CRM Excellence Dashboard

    CRM Excellence Dashboard simplifies analyzing users’ CRM data.

    • Customer Segmentation
    • Customer Profiling
    • Customer Frequency
    • Coverage and Achievement
    • Days in the field
    • Calls per Day
    • Activity
    • Call & Detailing & Presentation
    • Event & Congress
    • Channel Efficiency
    • 360 degrees Customer View 

    Fleet Management Exellence

    Fleet Management Excellence via Qlik, is built for Pharma Companies to connect car tracking systems' data with sales and CRM data to produce analysis according to needs of your field management.These reports help management to measure;

    • Unexpected usage of vehicles
    • Time spent in traffic jam
    • Speed violations
    • Distance travelled, activity, produced sales in the Brick
    • Tracking Reps’ start time to business

    Supply Chain Operations Exellence

    Qlik applications have been built for HQ of Pharma Company so that regional Supply Chain Management collects issues’ lists and definitions from countries and produces reports to overcome issues. The management team can analyze supply chain issues by country, period, product, frequency, form, reasons, money lost and general.

    Information Technology Operations Exellence

    Qlik applications have been built for HQ of Pharma Company so that the IT Department collects information from several systems and produces reports for IT Management team to analyze.

    • IT Budgets by country
    • Ticket performance of countries
    • IOS releases by country
    • Windows versions by country
    • Ongoing IT projects
    • Memories in iPads

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    Triton BIT Solutions established in 2019 to meet the demands of the companies by increasing effectiveness and efficiency of the CRM systems in Pharmaceutical Industry.In the course of time,improving the Business Intelligence and Current Healthcare Professional Database service needed by CRM , Triton Information Technology made it available for the sector with an approach that esteems the customers and aims to produce a solution to the problems of them.