Database Services

    The database is the process of storing the data in a certain area. In addition to state institutions, private institutions also use this system. Tables can be created, new records can be added, related records can be updated and deleted within the database.

    Datawarehouse Services

    The data warehouse is a relational database designed to be used for query and analysis. The database allows the separation of the workload from the transactions to be separated from each other; thus, allowing the easier collection of information collected from different sources.

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    Triton BIT Solutions established in 2019 to meet the demands of the companies by increasing effectiveness and efficiency of the CRM systems in Pharmaceutical Industry.In the course of time,improving the Business Intelligence and Current Healthcare Professional Database service needed by CRM , Triton Information Technology made it available for the sector with an approach that esteems the customers and aims to produce a solution to the problems of them.